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Oracle Exalytics and 120 Million Records: Airline Traffic Delays Analysis on Exalytics

In this video, an analyst for an airline consumer group is portrayed studying airline traffic delays.  Oracle’s Exalytics performance against massive amounts of enterprise data permits a speed-of-thought style of analysis to make sense of complex business information. As in your industry, airline schedules have many dimensions… routes, flights, airlines, airports, delays, dates, etc. Oracle Exalytics provides many ways to visualize the multi-dimensional relationships (via numerous styles of charts and geo-maps as well as visually-coded data) rather than crunching numbers. For more information and how eVerge can help implement for your organization, please contact us at 888-548-1973.


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First Steps in Planning for Big Data

I’m sure you’ve read a number of articles about how Big Data is the next big thing and if you aren’t on board you’ll be left behind.  I’m sure you’ve also read how Big Data is just data combined hype, and that the bubble is bursting already.  I believe, as is often the case, the truth is a little unclear but somewhere in the middle.

Planning your approach on how you might exploit Big Data is no different than the process of investigating any other technology opportunity or new source of data.  In this case, though, you are trying to uncover ‘nuggets‘ of valuable information in a larger sea of data. The Big Data tools might be new and unfamiliar, the skills may be slightly different, but the process is not rocket science.

Develop a Plan

    1. Obtain approval to move forward (i.e. time and money for discovery)
    2. Define Goals and Objectives – Understanding the organizational goals and objectives first will set the foundation for the rest of the plan.
    3. Obsess on Users – When discussing and reviewing with the potential business community, challenge how they use data in reaching conclusions and making decisions. Focus on what they don’t have and cannot do in the current environment.
    4. Identify Sources of data – PDFs, location data from cell phones, email, twitter, blogs, HR documents, warehouse records, call center notes, field service notes, etc.
    5. Business Justification – Quantifying exact cost reductions, increase in income (revenue), or customer satisfaction can be tricky , but remember we are talking about a discovery process, not a full-fledged implementation.
    6. Determine Budget – Also tricky, since we are not talking Big Data tools just yet.  The budget is dependent on the cost of acquiring and storing the data you are interested in.  The number of staff and duration of the project will depend on how ‘close to the surface’ the valuable data is, and how much work is required to expose the ‘nuggets’.  It can help to talk to other organizations or experts who have worked on this type or project before.
    7. Identify Tools and Technologies – Identification of candidate tools/technologies that align with business goals and budget is also critical.  Not all solutions are created the same (nor are they priced the same).  You do not want to spend months evaluating ALL the possible solutions in the marketplace.
    8. Make Room for Experimentation – Allow time for experimentation in the project. There is a good chance that you’ll make an unexpected discovery.  Don’t eliminate that possibility.

At a high level, it should be more obvious that getting into Big Data is not too different than exploring any other new project or technology.   Having an idea of what you’re trying to achieve, knowing how long and how much you can afford to invest, and keeping an eye out for the unexpected are the most important aspects of the discovery process.

Finding people with the right expertise and a track record are in high demand, but the eVerge Group has skilled people who can provide assistance. This help could be simply providing details of case studies demonstrating success stories of similar organizations.  It could also be helping to develop a business plan, then executing the project to show the return on investment possible when you exploit that ‘Big Data’.

Check out Oracle’s website for information on Oracle’s Big Data Solutions offering.

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Oracle Big Data

This short video uses a very simple analogy of a fishing trawler to explain big data, and the steps involved in gaining competitive advantage by combining new sources of data within existing, structured and unstructured data.  Referenced solutions include the Oracle Big Data Appliance, Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID).



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Exalytics – Speed of Thought Analysis

The question today is no longer whether companies are going to deploy business intelligence analytics and perform ongoing modeling and planning of their businesses but, rather, will the results be timely, accurate and comprehensive to support critical decisions and offer insight needed for strategic, financial and operational excellence.  Oracle addresses this with Exalytics.  The Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is the industry’s first engineered system specifically designed to deliver high performance “speed of thought” analysis. At eVerge Group, we’ve crafted several services to help organizations take advantage of its capabilities quickly (and seen performance improvements up to 50X times faster).

 In spite of all the material covering Oracle Exalytics, many people still wonder about the how, where, when and why companies would be interested in such a server. From a business perspective, there are several valid reasons.  We’ll address those in a future post, but first let’s talk about the speed of change, data volumes, and managing data. 

 Some might see Exalytics as overkill for their needs. When thinking about computing horse-power, think back over the last 10 years. With your desktop PC, a 200MB hard-drive was more than adequate  for storing files. No video capability was required except for graphic intensive PC games. In 2007, Apple introduced iPhones. All of the sudden, you were storing pictures, videos, songs, TV shows, and even movies. Now, we have tablets holding 64GB of data, doing multi-media presentations, and doing everything fast (as we’ve come to expect from technology).

 When viewing things from that perspective, it is easy to see the point that data volumes, data types, and data processing needs are growing at an extreme rate.  If you rely heavily on increasingly complex and data-intensive BI applications, and are not satisfied with the way your current system supports your business intelligence needs, deploying Oracle Exalytics may be an option to explore.

eVerge Group continues to host Exalytics events and workshops throughout the US.  For information about future events, please contact Steve Chamberlin (Steven.Chamberlin@evergegroup.com)



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eVerge Group Adds Oracle Exalytics Consulting to Its Oracle Business Intelligence Practice

We are adding Oracle Exalytics Consulting to our BI practice. Read the full press release below:

eVerge Group, a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced it has launched an initiative to deliver services and solutions for Oracle Exalytics, the In-Memory Analytics platform.

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is  the industry’s first high-speed engineered system featuring in-memory business intelligence (BI) software and hardware to deliver extreme performance for analytic and performance management applications.

According to Aaron Stutsman, VP of Business Intelligence for eVerge Group, “We believe demand for high-performance analytics will continue to accelerate.  It’s becoming an essential component of business intelligence for organizations in high-velocity, data-intensive industries”.

eVerge Group’s new Oracle Exalytics program will support organizations from early stage evaluation through implementation.

“Our history of success implementing Oracle Business Intelligence enables us to deliver Oracle Exalytics and help our clients meet their strategic objectives,” states eVerge Group president, Esteban Neely.

Because this is innovative, game-changing technology, eVerge Group is offering a number of opportunities for organizations to learn how the solution can improve decision making within their organization:

  • Oracle Exalytics Demonstration Events — Offered in both webcast and live forums, these sessions provide executives the opportunity to understand the value of the Oracle Exalytics Architecture. Each session provides a framework for converting to a high-performance analytics solution for the entire organization.
  • Oracle Exalytics Workshops — These one- or two-day in-person workshops are conducted at client locations and are designed to provide client-specific insight into Oracle Exalytics. The end result is a high-performance analytics blueprint for the organization.
  • Oracle Exalytics Express — For organizations wanting to gain an understanding of how Oracle Exalytics can impact their operations specifically, eVerge Group offers client-site proof-of-concepts that deliver real-time results with client data and BI models. Business and technical teams get hands-on experience with Oracle Exalytics.
  • Full Implementation and Training Services — eVerge Group delivers comprehensive Oracle Exalytics implementation and training services.

Organizations are becoming more dependent upon business intelligence to drive better decision making and improve business performance. eVerge Group views Oracle Exalytics as the solution best able to deliver “speed-of-thought” data access and analytics necessary for organizations to stay a step ahead of the competition.  With OPN Specialized status for both Oracle Business Intelligence Applications and Oracle Business Intelligence Foundations, eVerge Group has the experience and expertise to help organizations take advantage of the Oracle Exalytics technology.

Tyler Prince, Group Vice President, North America Sales, Alliances and Channels, Applications and Systems Integrators, Oracle noted, “As an Oracle PartnerNetwork Platinum level member, eVerge Group’s commitment to the development and rollout of a program centered on leveraging the power of Oracle Exalytics underscores the inherent ability of the platform to address the growing need for high speed, real time analytics in the most demanding environments. We look forward to working with eVerge Group to bring this solution to our mutual customers.”

To learn more about how Oracle Exalytics might meet the needs of your organization or to arrange for a demonstration or proof-of-concept evaluation, contact eVerge Group at Exalytics@evergegroup.com or visit  http://www.evergegroup.com/bi_exalytics.htm.

About eVerge Group

Founded in 1993, eVerge Group is a leading integrator of business applications software, focused on delivering Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. With longevity and focused expertise in both commercial and public sector markets, eVerge Group is a Platinum level member of OPN that implements software solutions in leading organizations throughout the Americas. For more information on eVerge Group, visit www.evergegroup.com.

About Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized is the latest version of Oracle’s partner program that provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN Specialized offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations. Specializations are achieved through competency development, business results, expertise and proven success. To find out more visit http://www.oracle.com/partners or call (888) 889-8017.

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John Peketz
VP – Marketing, eVerge Group

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