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Oracle ePerformance Builds a Better Workforce

Employee performance evaluation software like Oracle ePeformance helps organizations build a better workforce by aligning organizational goals and driving employee development. As part of Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM, ePerformance offers strategic workforce insight, fosters engagement, and integrates performance ratings with salary, skill levels, and job profiles.

eVerge Group is an Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive Oracle PeopleSoft experience. For more information about our business solutions, contact us at our website. http://www.evergegroup.com/contact.php

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Building a Better Workforce with Employee Performance Evaluation Software

In these challenging economic times, it has become increasingly important for organizations to retain top talent while simultaneously identifying and coaching underperforming employees. It is also crucial that employee objectives and goals tightly align with those of the organization, and that processes and tools are in place to assess progress against those goals and objectives. In short, employee performance evaluation software, such as Oracle ePerformance, has become an integral component of medium and large enterprise success.

Oracle implementation of PeopleSoft ePerformance offers an integrated solution designed to enable talent management best practices, foster employee engagement and provide strategic workforce insight for effective decision-making.

The ePerformance software drives performance planning, monitoring and assessment throughout the entire review period. This ability to span the entire period contrasts sharply with many other performance software applications designed to handle once-a-year performance reviews.

ePerformance provides:

  • A framework to define and link organizational, departmental and individual objectives so they are aligned. These objectives are maintained in a single repository allowing management to drill down to assess progress toward goals.
  • Integration of performance ratings with compensation so salary adjustments are automatically tied to employee performance.
  • Integration with centralized management of job profiles so objectives and performance assessments are calibrated across people with similar jobs.
  • The ability to match employee skill levels with job profiles to determine where training and development are required.

More and more organizations are choosing to add the ePerformance module to their suite of PeopleSoft HCM. eVerge Group has more than 18 years of Oracle implementation including PeopleSoft HCM experience and can show you how your organization can leverage Oracle ePerformance to drive organizational alignment and employee development. Contact us to begin implementing your employee performance evaluation software solution.

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