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Marketing Automation Management: Major Differences Between CRM On Demand Email Marketing and On Demand Marketing

Written by  Shay Sanders and Richelle Shaffer

Oracle offers more than one marketing automation management solution to accommodate the needs of various businesses and industries. When it comes to CRM integration, many customers have asked what the difference is between CRM On Demand’s Email Marketing (EMOD) and On Demand Marketing (ODM).

Both products were developed to extend the marketing automation capabilities of Oracle CRM On Demand (CRMOD) and decrease marketer’s dependency on  IT and third-party vendors.

EMOD enables customers to easily set up and configure personalized email campaigns, along with the ability to track delivery and responses.  ODM is Oracle’s new and improved marketing product that expands on EMOD and provides a full suite of capabilities to automate the complete marketing process, from designing campaigns through lead management and nurturing to measuring marketing ROI.

Below is a quick rundown of the different features and functions of EMOD and ODM:

marketing automation management

It is worth noting, that many of the common features between both apps are significantly richer in ODM.  Examples:

  • Personalized email templates can be stored for reuse in ODM.
  • Segmentation runs within the ODM application vs. through an MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Segmentation runs dynamically (i.e.: it refreshes each time the campaign is launched, whether dynamically or statically).
  • ODM email delivery responses are much broader than the set in EMOD; examples include forward and click-through destinations.
  • Prebuilt Reports and Analytics for ODM are much more advanced over those in EMOD.

In summary, ODM offers best-in-class marketing automation implementation with both sales and marketing and takes CRM Marketing to the next level, while retaining the integrity of true CRM integration.

About the authors: Shay Sanders, Director, CRM Practice, has been with eVerge since 2000 and Richelle Shaffer, CRM OD Consultant, has been with eVerge since 2011.

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Better ROI Through Marketing Automation Implementation

Written by Brett Harris

Marketing automation software has become an invaluable tool in the marketplace, but the question businesses face is how will marketing automation implementation improve ROI? Oracle’s Siebel Marketing application stands out as the industry leader among MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) suites. The Email Marketing solution empowers customers to fully control and automate all marketing tactics to be delivered via email. What can Oracle implementation of Siebel Marketing do for your business?

  • Relevant email content: Author media-rich email messages containing dynamic content specific to your audience (existing customers or acquired lists). Personalized data can be automatically substituted in email messages from various database sources.
  • Immediate ROI: Real-time tracking of email metrics to help quantity an immediate ROI – bounces, click rates, open rates, response rates.
  • Reduce overhead: Fully automate the end-to-end email campaign process via schedule or trigger based options.
  • Limitless solution: Provides a highly robust and scalable architecture capable of generating millions of emails on a daily basis.
  • Reporting: Built-in integration to the reporting platform, OBIEE.
  • Industry standard: Aligns with the industry best practices to help ensure your organization is considered a reputable email sender, and thereby improve your delivery rate to customers.

If you are looking for a more effective email marketing strategy, eVerge Group has been providing marketing success through Oracle implementation for customers since the earliest versions of Siebel Marketing 6.x, and we invite you to review our showcase of customer references. Whether it is a fresh implementation or an upgrade from a previous version, eVerge Group is equipped with the experience capable of implementing Siebel Email Marketing as a “turn-key” solution for your business needs.

About the author: Brett Harris is a Senior Siebel Consultant and has been with eVerge since 2006.

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