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Oracle RightNow CX Feature Focus: Message Templates for Notifications and Emails

The eighth installment in our series is the first look at November 2012. If you missed any of the previous installments in this series you can find them under the CX category at http://blog.evergegroup.com/?cat=56

Message Templates for Notifications and Emails

From the release notes:

In the November 2012 release, you can use message templates to customize your administrator notifications and emails and your contact emails. The messages are designed to support a broad range of business cases across a variety of implementations to communicate to your staff as well as to your contacts. Message templates let you quickly apply your organization’s brand across all of your messages and personalize message content to your target audience.

No more editing PHP!

Previously in order to make changes you would have had to go in to File Manager and edit the ma_details.php file or any number of other php files. Probably one of the worst things about it was in order to effectively make changes you had to cut and paste into an editor then make changes and paste it back in to file manager. It certainly was not ideal.


 If you upgraded from an older version of RightNow you will most likely need to edit the Navigation set associated with the Administrator profile first and add the Message template component. As illustrated  below I have added the component to the Site Configuration folder but you can add it wherever it makes the most sense to you. You access the messages by clicking on edit and once you are happy with the changes, you Deploy.

Editing emails uses the same type of Rich Text tool used for editing documents and mailings in other areas of RightNow CX. Therefore, if you have been using the system prior to November 12, it will be very familiar. If you haven’t, it is similar to Word.


The next installment will be taking a look at version 3 of the Customer Portal framework. If you are interested in learning more or have questions about RightNow CX please contact me at cx@evergegroup.com

Useful Links:

You can read more about this feature in the November 2012 documentation. https://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/docs/november2012/olh/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm

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About the author: Rhianna Albert (Just Rhianna) has an extensive background in customer support systems and processes, is an active member of the CX community and has been implementing and integrating RightNow solutions for over five years.


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