Oracle RightNow CX: November 2013

This is it folks the last major RightNow release of 2013. So let’s see what it has to offer us. There are a few new and enhanced items I have been waiting to play with. soldes nike air max pas cher I must admit this is solely based on what I have seen on the announcement webinar, read in the release documents and spoken to friends inside the Oracle machine about. As it was just generally released on November 19th I am patiently waiting in line to get a fresh demo site. That being said if after playing with the new toys I have anything substantial to add I will certainly let you all know.

This release touted almost a dozen new major features and as many additional features spanning all areas or the product. cheap bns gold Of the major features I am most interested in the enhancements to Single-Sign On, the introduction of the Code Assistant Tool (you have got to love wizards when they are done right) and Chat Virtual Assistant.

From the Release Notes:

New single sign-on configuration options: You can now administer single sign-on (SSO) integrations with external applications that reside outside the Oracle RightNow CX cloud. Single sign-on integrations let you use Oracle RightNow CX as an identity provider to store and authenticate customer credentials. After configuring an SSO service provider and application, you can add the application to a workspace where staff members can then access the external application without being asked for sign-in credentials.

My Thoughts: SSO has been through many iterations and will continue to evolve over the life of not only this product but all products as the need for identity management becomes more prominent. SSO in RightNow is still using SAML 2.0 but now allows external identity providers and the ability for agents to use single sign on as well.

SSO is profile based for agents using the RightNow console so in theory you can have one group using traditional login and another using an identity provider. Perhaps two different call centers one located in the U.S. and another off-shore. There are several configuration settings that must be edited by a user with Administrator level access in order to use this. adidas zx flux pas cher If you find that there settings are missing you may need to contact your Oracle Account representative in order to make sure you have the proper license.

Agent Login Process
Agent Login Process

From the Release Notes:

Code Assistant tool: Migrating your customer portal to Framework Version 3.1 offers significant benefits and features. However, the process of migrating your customized code can be challenging, especially if you have extensive customizations. The Code Assistant simplifies the migration process between framework versions and provides specific guidance for updating your custom code.

The tool offers the following help.

• Assistance for migrating Framework Version 2 widgets to Framework Version 3

• Help for converting from YUI 2 to YUI 3

• Removal of Intent Guide pages

• Backup of your customer portal files before any modification

The widget migration wizard walks you through the custom code migration process, and the code suggestion feature offers suggestions for improving or migrating custom code that includes YUI 2. As a result, your framework migrations will be simpler and faster, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the newest Customer Portal features sooner.

My Thoughts: If you read some of my previous blogs then you know I was very happy when they introduced the Customer Portal Widget designer or what I call the Widget Wizard. These types of wizards further allow administrators with novice to intermediate level skills with programming languages like PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS extend the product further. The code assistant tool helps you understand the differences between legacy widgets and how to migrate them to the newer CP framework. For a GEEK like me being able to make use out of newer features faster is icing on the proverbial cake. You can migrate to different framework versions if you aren’t ready to go all the way to the latest, get suggestions for converting YUI2 to YUI3 and cleanup any obsolete intent guides. Overall a tool I will definitely keep in my box.

code assist
Code Assistant Tool (aka Code Wizard)

From the Release Notes:

Chat virtual assistant: If your site is integrated with Oracle RightNow Intent Guide Cloud Service (Intent Guide), you can now route incoming chats to a virtual assistant. new balance france Using virtual assistant chats, you can ease the volume of chats requiring an agent. Many customer questions can quickly be answered with existing information in the knowledge base. Agent chats and virtual assistant chats can be initiated, routed, and tracked through the CX Console.

Your Oracle account manager must enable virtual assistant in both Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service and Intent Guide. Once enabled, you can set up a virtual assistant profile, account, and chat queue, and add chat rules to handle virtual assistant chats. You can also use rules to escalate the virtual assistant chat to an agent when necessary. Upon escalation, you can view a complete transcript of the virtual assistant chat leading to a smooth transition from virtual assistant to agent.

My Thoughts: In order to really get the most use out of Virtual Assistant it is imperative that you have an up to date knowledge base that has not been neglected. There are regular tuning tasks and other general maintenance items that any good knowledge base administrator will add to his or her routine. That being said I have been waiting to see this come to fruition for many years and am happy to see it moving past infancy. I had the privilege to see very early prototypes of this in years past. This is a nice blend between traditional self-service, chat and natural language search.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

You can find much more information on the different releases by reading the release notes for each version, looking through the manuals and listening to tutorials. If you want the complete picture there is a customer community post with the release information as always and it includes a recording of the release announcement.

Useful Links:

November 2013 release notes:

November 2013 documentation:

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