Strategic CRM vs. Tactical CRM

Most CRM tools available today address the tactical processes involved in effective customer management. They provide frontline sales management tools, but fail to offer  strategic CRM integration. Oracle’s CRM On Demand provides such a solution. Here are some of its advantages.

Answering Key Questions

Oracle’s CRM On Demand answers key questions to provide a complete picture of how your customers interact with you. To increase sales and profits, you need answers about your customers, such as:

  • What do they buy from you?
  • When do they buy from you?
  • How do they buy from you?
  • Why do they buy from you?
  • How do they solve problems with you?

Answers to these and similar questions impact the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and service personnel.

All Facets of a Customer’s Interaction

A strategic CRM solution, such as CRM On Demand, will enable you to address every aspect of your customer’s interaction with your enterprise. Naturally, you will want to track interactions with marketing, sales and service. But you can also identify trends, behavior and motivators. Oracale’s CRM On Demand goes beyond frontline sales management to provide the business intelligence you need.

Going Beyond Sales

An essential feature of any CRM integration is providing best-in-class tools to remedy customer issues on time, every time, which enables you to pursue a CRM strategy rather than tactics. Delivering a marketing solution that enables your sales and channels organizations to effectively segment customers and manage campaigns is another strategic implementation of CRM.

Bottom Line

Oracle’s CRM On Demand offers a strategic CRM solution versus a tactical solution. Tactics can win battles, but strategy wins wars. eVerge Group has been deploying strategic CRM applications for more than 13 years and can provide insights on how your organization can leverage and effectively deploy a CRM solution to grow sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

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