Mobile CRM solutions with Oracle’s Siebel CRM

The enterprise sales force and CRM users are becoming increasingly mobile and distributed. The need for CRM integration that includes mobile solutions that are accessible over various devices—including laptops, Tablet PCs and smartphones, while still being useable in connected and disconnected modes—is growing.

Oracle’s Siebel CRM solution provides various options for use as a true mobile CRM solution. Several factors should be considered before deciding which deployment option (or options) is right for you. Here is a comparison of the mobile deployment options available with the latest Siebel release.

Siebel Remote

Siebel Remote provides the subset of data a mobile user truly needs in a very scalable and high performance manner. new balance soldes Its patented transaction routing engine has been proven in deployments numbering into the tens of thousands of mobile users.

Siebel Remote is appropriate if your CRM users need to work in disconnected mode but still need full Siebel functionality. asics chaussures It is also appropriate if users do not have consistent network connection but can synch over high-speed Internet from time to time.

Siebel Wireless

Siebel Wireless provides real-time access to current sales information from a web-enabled mobile device, such as a smartphone. ffxiv Items It supports quick and easy management of sales activities, enabling representatives to add, delete and edit details, including opportunity status, priority and comments.

Siebel Wireless is appropriate if your workforce is likely to access Siebel on the move while using a web-enabled mobile device and not all Siebel features are needed for day-to-day operations.

Siebel CRM Desktop

Siebel CRM Desktop provides CRM data within the desktop applications knowledge workers are already using, such as Microsoft Office. new balance 2017 This improves access to timely information and improves implementation throughout the organization.

Siebel CRM Desktop is appropriate if CRM workers primarily work in Microsoft Office, there is need to share native data between the mail application and the CRM application, there is need to expose Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities type of data within desktop applications, or there is need for CRM data offline on your desktop.

Siebel CRM on Tablet and Smartphones

Siebel CRM on Tablets and Smartphones enables Siebel CRM customers to take full advantage of tablets to easily access powerful Siebel CRM data in real-time on mobile devices. nike air max 90 There are various frameworks available for deploying Siebel on tablets and smartphones.

Siebel CRM integration on Tablets and Smartphones is appropriate if tablets or smartphones are your corporate standard for mobile devices or are the preferred mode of accessing software applications for mobile users.

Oracle’s Siebel CRM offers a variety of mobile CRM solutions. Choosing the right solution (or solutions) for your deployment can be made easier by contacting eVerge Group.

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