Oracle RightNow CX: Wrapping up the Top 10 of 2012

I admit it took a little longer to get here than initially planned but I’ve been busy with lots of RightNow practice activity, getting up to speed on some other Oracle products – and that is a really good thing because it means I will have even more insights to share. When we started this series in January, I promised there would be a final summary blog which would wrap up the top ten discussed. I have included the list as well as links to each of the individual installments for your reading enjoyment. Feel free to share this with anyone who you think will benefit. The  next time we see each other I will be talking about February 2013 so if you are interested in reading the release notes beforehand you can find them here:

  1. Knowledge Foundation API – February 2012:
  2. Cloud Monitor – February 2012:
  3. Chat Availability Controls – May 2012:
  4. Fusion Sales Integration – May 2012:
  5. Previous Version Cleanup – May 2012:
  6. Config and Message Base Redesign – August 2012:
  7. Customer Portal Security Enhancements – August 2012:
  8. Message Templates for Notifications and Emails – November 2012:
  9. Customer Portal Version 3 Part 1 – November 2012:

10. Customer Portal Version 3 Part 2 – November 2012:

You can find much more information on the different releases by reading the release notes for each version, looking through the manuals and listening to tutorials.

Full Document Overviews:

February 2012 documentation:

May 2012 documentation:

August 2012 documentation:

November 2012 documentation:


Throughout this series we have been speaking about different features, how they improve the product and what it means for businesses.  No matter what the feature, they all have the ultimate goal of improving Customer Experience. So with that thought in mind, I wanted to include the Customer Experience lifecycle which many of you may be familiar with, although I am sure there are some out there who have no idea. eVerge has resources that can help in the different areas of the lifecycle, whether it is through best practice recommendations, new implementations, upgrades, customizations or managed services.


If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

eVerge Group is an Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience. For more information about Oracle RightNow CX and our other business solutions, contact us through our website:

About the author: Rhianna Albert (Just Rhianna) has an extensive background in customer support systems and processes, is an active member of the CX community and has been implementing and integrating RightNow solutions  for six years.


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