Fusion HCM – Payroll implementation with eVerge

eVerge Group is now live with the full suite of Fusion HCM products – HR, Benefits, Payroll, Workforce Compensation and Talent Management. 

Fusion Payroll went live in January 2013.  Our legacy systems included PeopleSoft HCM for HR, ADP for payroll processing, Halogen for Performance and Goal management and Taleo for recruiting.  The payroll initiative was part of the overall eVerge effort to eliminate these multiple systems by implementing a single system utilizing SaaS technology.

Our Payroll implementation leveraged Fusion by:

  • Establishing Element Entries to identify various types of earnings and deductions.
  •  Capturing multiple personal payment methods – which are direct deposit accounts for checking and savings splits.  We were also able to uniquely differentiate which personal payment method applied to regular pay cycle processing vs. bonus cycle processing.
  •  Tracking Payroll Work Relationships, which allows different salary amounts for different relationships.
  •  Using the Fusion Quick Pay calculation/pay data review, where specific element entries or overrides are desired, troubleshoot issues occurring in normal pay cycle processing, or mid-cycle check modeling.
  •  Integrating Fast Formulas to allow unique system requirements using simple PL/SQL constructs.  A Fast Formula is a powerful, yet flexible syntax, which allows payroll extensions to be written.

Another great feature of Fusion is the fully functional Payroll Dashboard and checklists which allow for quick reference and viewing the status of payroll calculations and running related reports during a pay cycle.    Our HR Manager has everything at her fingertips on the dashboard to run each payroll cycle.

Fusion Payroll allowed us to create a simplified ‘automated’ process flow to include Payroll Calculation, Prepayments, Archives, ACH EFT Creation, Paycheck Creation, 3rd Party Tax File Extracts and Pay Slip creation.  The flexibility allowed us to work in our subset of payroll processing to complete the tasks.

Below is a view of an employee’s calculation results as queried by a Payroll Administrator:


 Lessons Learned:

Fusion Payroll offers great flexibility in creating earnings and deductions elements.  We designed rules based on eVerge’s business requirements.  This allowed us to correctly pay employees, withhold benefit deductions, manage 401k contributions, and process other miscellaneous elements as needed to support our specific business needs.  We learned that care must be taken when setting up elements.  If elements are not setup correctly, changing them later in the process may not be possible – which means new elements are created causing additional configuration updates and links elsewhere in the system.  Take the time to fully understand downstream impact when entering the Primary and Secondary Classifications when elements are initially created.

Fusion Payroll Costing should be implemented as part of the initial payroll implementation. Costing is a method of tracking payroll costs and applying the actual cost to General Ledger for the distribution of funds.  The creation of the costing transactions is part of the payroll calculation process.  

Utilize Oracle Support to its fullest and constantly push for resolutions to mission critical SR’s.

A critical factor in the Payroll implementation was change management for all employees.  Users in our corporate office had to adapt some business processes to support the new technology.   In addition, US employees began using Fusion to view Pay Slips rather than going to the previous vendor website.

Fusion Employee self-service allows employees to view Pay slips online.  The only time we print an actual check is for a new hire where a prenote is required for their first paycheck or a termination when the final check needs to be issued before the next regular pay cycle.

Below is a view of a sample Fusion HCM pay slip.



The author of this article/blog is Zack Bakarich.  Zack is a Senior Fusion HCM Consultant resource for eVerge Group with more than 20 years of Software Packages implementation and support experience

To learn more about Fusion and how we can help implement Payroll for your organization, please contact us at 888-548-1973.

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