Oracle RightNow CX Feature Focus: Customer Portal Password Security Enhancements

Here we are almost finished with the list and gearing up to review all that February 2013 has to offer. The seventh installment in our series is the second and last one for August 2012. This is the first time you can actually set password complexity and other requirements for Customer Portal. If you have been an Administrator for a while you will notice that the tool is very similar to what is currently used to set password configuration for staff accounts. asics gel kinsei 6 If you missed any of the previous installments in this series you can find them under the CX category at

Customer Portal Password Security Enhancements

From the release notes:

The August 2012 release lets you set password requirements for your customer portal that can strengthen customer passwords by requiring a defined level of complexity. ffxiv Items The administration interface includes an editor that lets you specify the minimum length, the maximum number of character repetitions and occurrences, the number of previous passwords that are stored so they cannot be used for a new password, and the minimum number of upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters.

  • The password requirements you define on the administration interface appear on your customer portal when customers create or change their password. When customers begin typing a password, the requirements that have been met are marked with a green check mark and incomplete requirements are marked with a red X. Refer to Configuring password requirements.
  • A new configuration setting, CP_FORCE_PASSWORDS_OVER_HTTPS, helps protect customers from malicious activity such as password theft, phishing, and other security threats. It requires all login operations to be performed over HTTPS and is enabled by default on new sites. When enabled, logged-in customers interact entirely on HTTPS.
  • Security has also been enhanced on the accessibility interface by automatically logging out agents if the system detects no activity for one hour. Fjallraven Kanken mini In the five minutes prior to expiration, agents will be prompted that their session is about to expire and offered the opportunity to stay logged in.

Let’s take it for a spin!

New toys are always fun. Ones like this are even more fun if you are a tinkerer by nature. I am sure anyone who has ever rebuilt an engine and modified a car would agree that the best think about tinkering with a car is the rush you get when it’s done and you can take it out for a spin and zip down the highway. Ok, so maybe being able to tweak the password security in the RightNow console isn’t quite as exciting as the time I helped restore a 1980’s Pontiac Turbo Trans AM but it got your eyes open. ugg soldes 2017 Didn’t it?

If you are upgrading to August 2012 most likely you will need to update your navigation set and add the Contact Password Configuration tool. I added mine to the Site Configuration section as illustrated below for ease of use.


You can use the sliders to adjust the different security options so that they are in line with any internal security requirements that your organization has. Making even slight changes will increase security and prevent your clients from having passwords that can easily be compromised.

Once you save the changes they will be immediately in effect. End users will be presented with a prompt when entering their password or creating an account that reminds them of the security guidelines. louboutin homme As you can see in the image below the requirements match those in the image above.

The next installment will be taking a first look into November 2012. If you are interested in learning more or have questions about RightNow CX please contact me at

Useful Links:

You can read more about this feature in the August 2012 documentation.

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