Oracle RightNow CX Feature Focus: Config and Message Base Redesign

The sixth installment of the 2012 RightNow CX feature focus series takes a first look at August 2012. adidas zx 500 The configuration settings and message base redesign was long overdue. The previous incarnation of these tools were unintuitive and difficult to navigate. I often had to refer to the RightNow Knowledge base at or the user manual just to find where the settings or message bases I wanted to change resided, if they were even editable to begin with. new balance mrl996 Below you will what the menus looked like in releases prior to August 2012. If you missed any of the previous installments in this series you can find them under the CX category at

Configuration Settings and Message Bases Redesign

From the release notes:

A redesign of the Configuration Settings and Message Bases editors gives you more control over configuring and customizing your site. Both editors now display as their own respective reports with category folders and run-time selectable filters that make searching more effective. In addition, values for configuration settings and message bases text can now be edited inline.

What does this mean?

For administrators familiar with the old format it means learning something new but once that has been achieved I promise you will be gaining back hours of your life. nike air max pas cher You can now search effectively, items are stored in user friendly folders that make sense, the audit log keeps track of changes (who, what and when) and you do not need to back out to the main menu if you need to edit a setting in another category. If you have used analytics in RightNow the settings are now reports and the individual items can be accessed by clicking on a line item.

Both configuration settings and message bases look similar now as illustrated below.

You can see in image directly above that the message base I want to edit is highlighted in orange. To change it you can either start typing something completely new in the column labeled “custom text” or copy what is in “default text” by right clicking and selecting copy cell to clipboard and then pasting and editing to suit your business needs. To save you just click the save button in the upper left corner of the console. If you notice something has changed and you want to find out who made the change, what was changed and when you would click on audit log.











Although it might not be apparent from the above screen shot of the audit log if you hover over any of the columns with your mouse it will give you the full text that was changed. This provides the administrator with the ability to see the complete history and take steps to manually rollback to a previous change. bottes ugg australia If you are interested in learning more or have questions about RightNow CX please contact me at

Useful Links:

You can read more about this feature in the August 2012 documentation. nike air max pas cher

To learn how to edit settings post redesign refer to answer id 5453:

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