Oracle RightNow CX Feature Focus: Previous Version Cleanup

For our fifth installment of the 2012 RightNow CX feature focus series we are going to wrap up May 2012. How are we going to do that you ask? By addressing something no one wants to do but everyone has to do, taking out the trash and cleaning up the house. To do this we need a little assistance from a trusted friend and super hero.

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Previous Version Cleanup

From the release notes:

When logging in to a newly upgraded site, RightNow CX now streamlines the deployment by removing application files (such as program binaries) for versions previously run for the same site. However, user-specific settings and cache files are retained to ensure a smooth transition and consistent experience for staff members.

Why does this matter?

While I agree that it certainly isn’t the most glamorous or interesting of subjects, it is still one of those things that need to be done in life and technology. We have known this since we were children when our parents implored us to take out the trash the night before the garbage truck was scheduled to come or when they barked at us for having dirty clothes, clean clothes and toys all mixed together in our rooms. Tidying up keeps order from turning into chaos and allows for an efficient environment whether we are talking about a physical or metaphorical house.

It is always a breath of fresh air when I see this in the release notes of any software as I know it means I will be gaining back efficiencies and hopefully be relieved of annoying bugs or defects that as a heavy software user I have had to find work-arounds or hacks to avoid. Before my days as an Oracle partner, when I was still a customer, I built up quite a reputation with technical support for the list of defects reported with my name attached. This is not to say any version of software is bad, it happens in every product we deal with in our daily lives but still a clean house just smells better and is warm and inviting. It always reminds me of homemade cookies. So before I make all of you hungry, I will stop talking about cookies and just say “Thank You” to the product team at Oracle for making their parents proud.

The version cleanup in this case means no need to uninstall old versions or manually delete remnant files left over. In fact no need to reinstall at all unless you encounter an issue. For call centers with 100s or 1000s of PCs with CX installed on them this is a huge win. Next time I will be taking our first look at August 2012 and getting a little closer to February 2013!


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