eVerge Group experience with Functional Setup Manager (FSM) for internal implementation

We want to take a few minutes to review the benefits eVerge Group has recognized leveraging the Functional Setup Manager (FSM) within Fusion during our own internal implementation of HCM.

Oracle’s Fusion Functional Setup Manager is a new feature in Oracle Fusion applications that provides a “launch pad” to perform all tasks related to application setup.  FSM produces pre-packaged, sequential task lists based on the responses to a list of functionality questions. The task lists allow project managers and implementation team members the ability to plan and manage configuration activities.

FSM is a separate module within Fusion, which manages all the setups of the various offerings you have licensed (been provisioned) within the application.  This includes various pre-defined and configurable checklists for project resources to setup and monitor.  Tasks can be assigned to various Fusion project users; status of task completion is reported at parent task and implementation project level.  This functionality also allows users to migrate configurations from one instance to another (Test/Production).


 Some of the key functions and benefits of the Fusion Functional Setup Manager are: 

  • Setup Offerings:  A built in decision tree to fine tune your configuration requirements which creates pre-packaged, extensible setup plans and tasks.  This results in personalized setup needs down to the business user level. 
  • Setup Manager:  An easy to use interface that is used to manage all aspects of functional setup in one single point of entry that includes task assignments, due dates and delivered dashboards. 
  • Setup Export & Import:  FSM allows users to identify the configuration that they want to package to move setup across systems, primarily used for Export & Import of setup data. 
  • Setup Reporting:  FSM offers built-in collaboration and reporting.  This is used for reporting on the status of functional configurations and the validation of those configurations and setup data.

 Whether you are implementing Fusion applications for the first time, or you are adding a new module to an existing implementation, or perhaps changing the existing setup data, any implementation project will go through Planning, Implementation and Deployment.  Fusion FSM manages and facilitates all 3 phases of configuration.

 So, why should your organization fully utilize Fusion’s Functional Setup Manager?  It minimizes time to deploy with predefined setup offerings, guided and sequential task lists, and the ability to set up once and import or export to other instances.  Your organization will reduce implementation time using the rapid start that FSM provides.

 To learn more about Fusion and how we can help empower your organization, please contact us at 888-548-1973.


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