Formulating a Business Intelligence Assessment

An end-of-the-year business intelligence assessment is a great way to take stock of how things are going, and this assessment can also be used to create a plan for the upcoming year. A BI assessment can help you determine the ROI on the data warehouse you’ve implemented during this past year, as well as discover potential expansion areas. If launching a new business intelligence project with a solution like Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is in the works for next year, doing an assessment now can help you determine if you even need a BI solution.


Regardless of what’s on the agenda in the near future, doing an assessment now is a great way to look at how current projects are progressing, and can also be used to direct failing or struggling projects back on track. It can help ensure that your BI solution is able to evolve and adapt as the landscape of technology, organizational structure, business priorities, and marketplace realities change over time.

If you’ve never considered performing a business intelligence assessment, we are ready to help you every step of the way. Here is what you can expect from the process. Our assessments typically begin with a BI workshop that highlights recent developments in BI, looks at best practices, and uncovers the major challenges within your organization. After this, we begin a three-week guided learning session that involves your subject matter experts and IT staff. Together we review your current situation and strategize the best approach for BI development during the upcoming year. This evaluation takes a detailed look at the key elements of your BI strategy, which helps you achieve proper alignment of business and technology objectives, including Business Requirements Analysis, Organizational Analysis, Build vs. Buy Assessment, Infrastructure Software, Hardware and Technology, and Information Architecture.

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