Last release of 2014: Oracle Service Cloud November 2014

It has been a few months since the November version came out and eVerge Group’s Service Cloud practice has kept me so busy that I almost decided to skip the review being that it is now January 2015 but then something inspired me. I have been travelling without much time to even take a breath the last few weeks and had the opportunity to oversee a very talented team as they started implementing an instance of the November release for a client.

If you know me then you know I am a hands on person. I do not sit idly by while others get to play with the shiny new toys, I want to join in and help teach others who are newer to the product, the ENFJ in me won’t allow me not to teach. While working collaboratively with this team and rolling up my sleeves to share a few hard learned tricks on workflow I discovered some features that I somehow missed previously. I still haven’t determined when the two I found came into production but it created an incessant thrumming in my head to go back and review the new features so I could continue to share.

There is a new tutorial that goes over the release highlights you may want to review it as I will not go over every new feature: November Overview Video

Service Console Enhancements

We know from previous versions that tool windows can be shifted around to the right or left sides of the console as well as being collapsed or closed. In the November release an agent can now have even more room on the console by docking the tool windows to the status bar. Just don’t be like me and forget that you did it because when you login the next day you might panic and wonder why you have a blank screen.



Drop down menus now have type ahead and track items recently used. With the type ahead feature an agent no longer needs to scroll or navigate through menus that in some cases could be six levels deep. Now as they begin to type the menu will highlight potential matches if there is more than one. Ten recent items can be listed by default.

N15-menuEnhancements to Message templates

The editor now has sub tabs so you can edit multiple templates at the same time to nov15msgallow different versions or language templates to be easily compared. This also allows an administrator to work in other areas of the console without having to close out message template like you had to in previous releases.


Within message templates you can also now create up to 10 conditional subject lines and can write conditions based on the number of message threads as well.

New configuration Assistant

I have used this new tool for the project mentioned above and it is great being able to create and manage new interfaces, mailboxes and test sites. However, by far the best part of this feature in my opinion as a system integrator is the ability to reset the System Administrator password without having to contact Oracle customer service.


If your company uses chat you can now let agents view a customer or site visitor’s browsing history from the customer portal. Agents can get crucial information about what pages the customer already viewed before requesting the chat session allowing them to more easily address the customers issues and concerns.

Agent Browser UI

Yes it is available for “infrequent users” but it is not really much more than a taste of what is to come in next few releases at this point. It certainly is not functional in a way that brand new clients could expect to be solely dependant on and abandon the trusty .Net thick client. For now my recommendation on this one is, if you upgrade to November 14 take a peak and check it out. If you wait just a little longer I think  you will be greatly rewarded, I witnessed the same sort of progress with the Mobile App for Service and the functionality that it has now is light years from when it was introduced.

Before I let you all go off, running and playing with the new version eVerge Group will be at the Modern Customer Experience event in Las Vegas this March. I have heard that it will be more akin to the RightNow Customer Summit that was held at the Broadmoor in the days before being purchased by Oracle. If this is the case I can assure you it will be full of great sessions, good conversation and fun evening events. If you are attending please let me know so we can talk about all things CX. If you are thinking of attending register quickly and take advantage of the early bird rate.

nov15 bee
The Golden Bee – RightNow Customer Summit


For more information on the November 2014 version including release notes, manuals, webcasts, tutorials and community posts. Please review at the official RightNow documentation overview page.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

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 Rhianna_smallAbout the author: Rhianna Albert (Just Rhianna) Director of CX Solutions @ eVerge Group has an extensive background in customer support systems and processes, is an active member of the CX community and has been implementing and integrating Oracle Service Cloud solutions for eight years.



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