Siebel and Oracle RightNow CX can coexist! – May 2014 Part 2

May 2014 Part 2

In the previous post we focused on enhancements to the UI framework and mobile surveys. Since there are so many enhancements and features in the May 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud RightNow, this is a multi-part series. If you did not read part one, I suggest you read that first:

Siebel Integration

Siebel is a best of breed on premise solution that is another component of Oracle’s CX suite of products. As a first step to bringing these two solutions together, Oracle has introduced an integration that allows the use of RightNow’s customer portal to submit service requests that will in turn be created in Siebel. This allows businesses to use a hybrid solution that leverages their on-premise Siebel CRM alongside RightNow’s robust knowledge base.


As an advanced step towards integrating cloud and ground solutions, eVerge has built an integration that allows the submission of service requests through customer portal either through the use of web services or Open UI embedded within the RightNow customer portal framework. A customer logging into the portal can use the same login as they previously used for Siebel eService allowing Single Sign-on (SSO) between the two systems. This can be implemented using a third party identity provider, SAML or Pass-through authentication (PTA).


Once logged in to the Portal a customer can do all of the usual activities that RightNow offers like viewing open and resolved incidents (Siebel equivalent of service requests), changing password, updating profile, chatting with an agent or searching for knowledge.

From an agent perspective the eVerge solution includes the ability for agents in a call center to:

  • search answers
  • propose new content
  • update existing content
  • associate a specific piece of knowledge (answer) with a service request

This is all done from within Siebel through an integration using Rightnow’s knowledge foundation and Connect for web services APIs. This means that agents in the call center get the benefit of added functionality without the need to learn a new tool.



Knowledge management personnel using the RightNow desktop are alerted when new answers have been proposed or an update has been requested and who submitted it. Through the use of exceptions in analytic reports knowledge managers are also able to keep track of which answers require updates and if it has not been reviewed within an acceptable timeframe a notification is sent to the supervisor.  There are other moving parts as well that can be configured to meet the business needs of any organization.

This is a crucial time in the evolution of cloud solutions and the continued viability of ground. Both will peacefully coexist and businesses do not need to sacrifice investments to abandon on premise architecture. There has been an increase lately in the number of articles that address this topic both Gartner and Forrester addressed the hybridization of cloud and on premise solution in their top technology trends fro 2014.

Integration and coexist strategies are technological imperatives that will shape the future of customer experience. I will be speaking about the topic of integration and coexistence as it applies to customer experience in September at Open World. If you want to attend Open world make sure you register early:


More information about the sessions I will be presenting at can be found in the catalog:

We have implemented a similar solution for one of our key customers who have agreed to share the stage with us at Open World and share more information with others who may already be using Siebel but want to expand their footprint and improve customer experience by implementing a modern, robust self-service customer portal.

For more information on the May 2014 version including release notes, manuals, webcasts, tutorials and community posts. Please review at the official RightNow documentation overview page.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

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About the author: Rhianna Albert (Just Rhianna) has an extensive background in customer support systems and processes, is an active member of the CX community and has been implementing and integrating RightNow solutions for seven years.


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