Spotlight on Oracle RightNow CX: February 2014 Part 1

Oracle RightNow CX: February 2014 Part 1

Oracle has started the New Year off with a bang with the February 2014 release of RightNow (Now Oracle Service Cloud). This release includes many new major features, additional features spanning all areas of the product and new training areas as well. As it was just generally released this week I am still waiting in line to get my hands on demo site. Part one will focus on the half of the new features with a second part to follow next week.

Web Customer Service

Virtual Assistant is an online concierge with human-like conversational capabilities that will lead customers through natural dialogue. nike dynamo This feature was released last quarter as part of the November 2013 release of RightNow. It can link to RightNow’s knowledge base and chat offering a truly personalized experience. This release brings enhanced functionality extending the visibility of customer profile and incident history, analytics that will track interaction based KPIs with visibility to customer feedback and a connector to external APIs that will leverage web services to pull contextual data as well as push actions like creating an RMA.

Dynamic Forms API has been developed to aid in easier creation and customization of forms like the Ask a question page. fjallraven kanken In previous versions of Customer Portal in order to do any dynamic page rendering you would have to leverage the javascript API and put your coding skills to the test. Fjallraven Kanken España This new API provides sample widgets and a dynamic Ask a question page with a full set of comments to aid in understanding how to utilize it. The dynamic forms are not part of the reference implementation but the standard pages have been modified for the feature. Using the Fields.js module input widgets can now subscribe to an OnChange handler that will track when the value is changed there is also a hide_on_load attribute that can be used to control the display of widgets on page load. This is one of the new features that I am really excited to dig into as it will allow for less custom code which means faster development time and easier upgrades.


Community Search Experience allows results to be returned that come from both the RightNow Knowledge base answers and community posts. Ithas been enhanced to include interactive filters and sorts which refresh the page when applied. This creates a more dynamic and improved search experience that will allow customers quickly find relevant information as well as decreasing duplication of posts and incidents in the contact center.

Cross-Channel Contact Center

Mobile Agent App has been continually enhanced with each new release. This time the ability to see custom objects within the mobile app has been exposed which greatly extends what can be done with the app. This brings us much closer to having the ability for a purely mobile agent. You can now use analytics reports to customize what is displayed for search results and lists of incidents, contacts and custom objects. Options available in the mobile workspace designer have been expanded to include the ability to have hyperlinks and reports on the workspace. Finally you can also attach photos from your mobile device.

Product Registration and Asset based SLAs in the past assets or product registration was created by RightNow customers as a customization. When custom objects were introduced it became even more popular as extending the database was much simpler. Finally Oracle has decided to add this as an out of the box feature with a standard database table to store asset information. Products can be registered by a customer on customer portal or by an agent via the desktop but most importantly you can now associate an SLA with the asset.










There is a wealth of information on the different releases available including release notes, manuals, webcasts, tutorials and community posts. ugg bottes If you want access to this information much of it is in the announcements section of the CX customer community

If manuals are not something you are dying to read then at the very least take a few minutes to watch the webcast by Chris Patterson.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

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