CX Resolutions for 2014: Customer Loyalty

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to fully explore the impact of the below tweet from @OracleCX. nike air max 2013 If you did not read the previous post you can find the contents here:


The first concept in the image above is Customer Loyalty but just what is loyalty in this instance, how can it impact a business and why should it be declared so important that it is chosen above all others as the choice resolution of 2014. Let us consider a simple definition from

“The likelihood of previous customers to continue to buy from a specific organization. Great attention is given to marketing and customer service to retain current customers by increasing their customer loyalty.”

This of course is a gross simplification. There are strategic business models and methodologies that are supposed to teach us how to keep customers coming back. Many businesses employ groups of people to develop loyalty programs that award customers with discounts and other perks. ugg bailey button boots The resounding theme here is keeping the customer happy and trusting of your brand whether it is through special programs, quality of product, strength of brand or customer service. Recently there has been a lot in the news about trust, without it there can be no loyalty.




Target is proof of this as they grapple with customer loyalty as the result of the data breach that exposed in the order of 40 million credit cards. Many people I know have been affected and they are struggling with making the choice to remain loyal or find a new place to patronize.


An article in Businessweek from December 2013 was aptly titled, “Target Seen Losing Customer Loyalty After Credit Card Breach”. From this article and others it is obvious that Target is trying to make it right. They have taken actions like increasing staff at call centers to decrease wait times while customers call in to inquire about the impact this breach has on them and in my home state of New York they have penned an agreement with the state attorney general to provide free credit monitoring for a year. I suspect that the fallout from this is not over yet but in time through proper initiatives they should be able to recover. chaussure nike cortez

A great infographic I found on Oracles website explains what drives loyalty. new balance pas cher I have included a snippet of it below but if you enjoy infographs like me, you can read the entire thing on Oracle’s RightNow product page:

Loyalty is certainly important and key to keeping a business from dying but should it be adopted as a resolution? The answer really depends on the particular business. air jordan soldes If it is selected a best of breed application like RightNow CX could most definitely help maintain and increase loyalty through marketing campaigns, web self-service, knowledge and social monitoring.

February release is only weeks away from being available. Be sure to read up on all the latest RightNow specific information at:

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

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Spotlight on Oracle RightNow CX: February 2014 Part 1

Oracle RightNow CX: February 2014 Part 1

Oracle has started the New Year off with a bang with the February 2014 release of RightNow (Now Oracle Service Cloud). This release includes many new major features, additional features spanning all areas of the product and new training areas as well. As it was just generally released this week I am still waiting in line to get my hands on demo site. Part one will focus on the half of the new features with a second part to follow next week.

Web Customer Service

Virtual Assistant is an online concierge with human-like conversational capabilities that will lead customers through natural dialogue. nike dynamo This feature was released last quarter as part of the November 2013 release of RightNow. It can link to RightNow’s knowledge base and chat offering a truly personalized experience. This release brings enhanced functionality extending the visibility of customer profile and incident history, analytics that will track interaction based KPIs with visibility to customer feedback and a connector to external APIs that will leverage web services to pull contextual data as well as push actions like creating an RMA.

Dynamic Forms API has been developed to aid in easier creation and customization of forms like the Ask a question page. fjallraven kanken In previous versions of Customer Portal in order to do any dynamic page rendering you would have to leverage the javascript API and put your coding skills to the test. Fjallraven Kanken España This new API provides sample widgets and a dynamic Ask a question page with a full set of comments to aid in understanding how to utilize it. The dynamic forms are not part of the reference implementation but the standard pages have been modified for the feature. Using the Fields.js module input widgets can now subscribe to an OnChange handler that will track when the value is changed there is also a hide_on_load attribute that can be used to control the display of widgets on page load. This is one of the new features that I am really excited to dig into as it will allow for less custom code which means faster development time and easier upgrades.


Community Search Experience allows results to be returned that come from both the RightNow Knowledge base answers and community posts. Ithas been enhanced to include interactive filters and sorts which refresh the page when applied. This creates a more dynamic and improved search experience that will allow customers quickly find relevant information as well as decreasing duplication of posts and incidents in the contact center.

Cross-Channel Contact Center

Mobile Agent App has been continually enhanced with each new release. This time the ability to see custom objects within the mobile app has been exposed which greatly extends what can be done with the app. This brings us much closer to having the ability for a purely mobile agent. You can now use analytics reports to customize what is displayed for search results and lists of incidents, contacts and custom objects. Options available in the mobile workspace designer have been expanded to include the ability to have hyperlinks and reports on the workspace. Finally you can also attach photos from your mobile device.

Product Registration and Asset based SLAs in the past assets or product registration was created by RightNow customers as a customization. When custom objects were introduced it became even more popular as extending the database was much simpler. Finally Oracle has decided to add this as an out of the box feature with a standard database table to store asset information. Products can be registered by a customer on customer portal or by an agent via the desktop but most importantly you can now associate an SLA with the asset.










There is a wealth of information on the different releases available including release notes, manuals, webcasts, tutorials and community posts. ugg bottes If you want access to this information much of it is in the announcements section of the CX customer community

If manuals are not something you are dying to read then at the very least take a few minutes to watch the webcast by Chris Patterson.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

eVerge Group is an Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience.

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What’s in the Box? Oracle RightNow CX: May 2014 Part 1

There are so many enhancements and features in the May 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud aka RightNow that this will be part one of a multiple part series. In this post we will focus on two of the major new features updated UI framework and mobile surveys.

Updated UI framework

One of the biggest new features is the new Agent console. asics pulse soldes It allows Agents and Administrators to customize the layout to their personal preferences and optimize it based on preference. There are eight key features to consider when using the new User Interface (UI).

Change in console configuration: By default a second navigation pane has been added on the right of the content pane, for more flexibility when arranging the different elements.











Movable tool windows: may2

Recent Items, Navigation and the Quick Search tool windows can be arranged in any order, moved to other areas, displayed as a floating window or removed from the console completely.


Customizable tool windows: New buttons near window titles allow custom actions like Close, Minimize, and Customize List.

Ability to undock editors: You can now undock any administration or workspaces editor and display it in a separate window. bottes ugg pour homme This provides you with another way to optimize screen layout.

Simplified workgroup functionality: As part of the new UI workgroup functionality may3has been simplified to include sub-tabs. asics duomax When you have an incident open the contact record now opens on a sub-tab below the incident’s content pane tab.


New application options: You can now choose which tool display on the navigation pane for all navigation buttons. A Reset Tool Windows shortcut has also been added to revert windows to their default locations.








Expanded auto-complete functionality: When assigning a common object like incidents from a report, auto-complete works identical to when assigning directly from the incidents editor.

Customizable Search window layouts: This is one of those new features that I have been personally asking and waiting for patiently. bns gold I had many requests for this from clients; you can now customize the Search window used in reports and dashboards. chaussure nike cortez You can define positions, sizes, ordering of filters and you can manage whitespace by stacking smaller filters and wrapping date range filters.






Mobile surveys

may6At long last surveys can be rendered and optimized in a format that works well on various sized mobile devices. You now have ability to preview surveys in a mobile optimized format right from the ribbon bar or survey tasks section. There are four new reports that comprise a Mobile Trends Dashboard to assist with analyzing things like mobile versus desktop software usage. Other new options include conditional and case sections as well as the ability to switch between desktop and mobile mode on a device.



For more information on the May 2014 version including release notes, manuals, webcasts, tutorials and community posts. Please review at the official RightNow documentation overview page.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

eVerge Group is an Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience.

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Spotlight on Oracle RightNow CX: February 2014 Part 2

Oracle RightNow CX: February 2014 Part 2

As I stated in part one of my spotlight on the February 2014 release of Oracle Service Cloud aka RightNow, this release includes many new major features, enhancement of existing features spanning all areas of the product and new tutorials. I am happy to report that I have just received my new February 2014 demo site and will be taking full advantage of the new bells and whistles. This part will focus on the second half of the new features and will wrap up the two part series. Read Part One if you missed it last week.

Cross-Channel Contact Center

Feedback which is the RightNow module that contains transactional, broadcast and polling surveys has finally been enhanced to allow all users to respond to surveys that have been sent to them even people that require compatibility with accessibility tools. It is worth noting that web accessibility optimization for feedback surveys is listed in the release notes as one of the Major New Features and that adding a question to a new or existing survey will trigger the accessibility enhancements to be automatically applied. In the User Guide for February 2014 reading about new accessibility enhancement will refer you to Oracle’s Accessibility Program for more information. I did a quick review of the page and it included detailed policy information, news, how-to articles as well as quotes about the initiatives like the one below:

“Oracle is committed to creating accessible technologies and products that enhance the overall workplace environment and contribute to the productivity of our employees, our customers, and our customers’ customers.”
—Safra Catz, President, Oracle


Analytics Report Delivery Options have been enhanced to include a compressed csv format that will allow an increased amount of data to be sent up to one million rows. This is good if you are trying to run large reports with data that goes back a few years. Prior to this Major Feature you were limited to running reports with a max row count of 10,000. The row count was increased in Excel in 2010 to allow one million rows so if you worked for a company that had adopted office 2010 then you would have to limit the date range on reports generated in RightNow, export many multiples and merge them back together in excel. With the new feature you will save time, decrease the risk of errors and report failures. Although this is a little overdue at this point it is still a welcome enhancement that improves usability, decreases defects and increases capacity. There are some restrictions that I have included below from the user guide:


Outlook Integration has been around for quite some time from an Administrative and Agent perspective I think this feature will not make your job easier if you are used to the robustness available in the .Net client. However if you have Executives, Sales representatives or other staff who are on the go a lot or do not need the full .Net client this is an option that is extremely convenient and requires little training once implemented. The difference in February is that RightNow has added support for both Outlook 2010 and 2013 64-bit so now you can have outlook integration on a wider set of versions. The integration allows the user to sync contacts, tasks and email from a button that appears at the top of the Outlook window in the Ribbon bar.


Policy Automation (OPA) was released in February 2013 and is used for businesses that have a lot of policies examples of use cases are eligibility for social programs like food stands or finding out if you qualify for a student loan. I previously reviewed OPA when it was introduced if you want to know more you can read about it in my February 2013 review. In order to update a policy business users update a word document and then upload to the Service cloud with a click of a button.

OPA Interview Enhancements include:

  1. New pop-up date control option for calendars
  2. Ability to collect rows of data in a tabular entity collection which is column based



OPA Agent Desktop Enhancements include:

  1. Ability to run multiple agent interviews at the same time
  2. Allow sub-interviews to allow a natural customer interaction flow
  3. Keep an accurate record of customer experience interaction by automatically saving incident thread.


OPA Enhanced Rules Navigation improves productivity for staff modeling and testing policies.

  1. Use word to navigate rule structure
  2. Highlight a section of the document in word or excel to launch the debugger tool and debug the current rule or test case





OPA New Sample Project Templates include options for financial services, higher education, media and entertainment. You can enhance existing interviews by features from the new samples and use as a framework for new interviews.

Oracle Service Cloud Integration enhancements will be covered as a separate post.

There is a wealth of information on the different releases available including release notes, manuals, webcasts, tutorials and community posts. Please review at the official RightNow documentation overview page.

If you are interested in learning more or have questions feel free to reach out to me at

eVerge Group is an Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience. For more information about Oracle RightNow CX and our other business solutions, contact us through our website:

About the author: Rhianna Albert (Just Rhianna) has an extensive background in customer support systems and processes, is an active member of the CX community and has been implementing and integrating RightNow solutions for six years.

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